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Soap. We all use it in some shape or form. It’s a natural product but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Making soap is a blend of chemistry, art, and good old fashioned hard work.

Jody and her partner Dave became the new owners of this business three years ago. They moved to Nelson from Auckland and were good friends with the founders of Global Soap. The sunny lifestyle here once again worked its magic and helped seal the deal.

Jody comes from a corporate background in IT, while Dave worked in corporate recruitment and they both felt like a new adventure and had a strong desire to be a positive force for good in our Nelson community. They recently donated soaps to homeless toiletry necessities packs, and you can tell by Jody’s smile there will be more of this to come.

“Running a business requires a lot of commitment and time. We still work 60 hours a week. By the time we do the Nelson markets, manage online orders, arrange distribution to various outlets like Nelson and Wellington Airport, making the soap, manning the shop…” says Jody.  It’s not hard to see that passion drives them and a belief in their products.

When they aren’t working, they love a stroll down the dog beach with their adorable French Bulldog Daphne. She’s part of the furniture and soaks up as many pats as a dog can muster. Jody enjoys a local red wine after a long day and going out for dinner.

Their friend Kate had also moved to Nelson and now works at the shop and enjoys working with these soapy products. There is plenty of laughter and healthy soap banter going on out the back. The new logo, packaging and branding has been designed by local designer Hayley Ottman (Tizza Design) and it looks great.

“We wanted to keep the name Global Soap, but the new branding has allowed us to put our own stamp on it and will help us as we move into the next phase.

Our products have been beautifully photographed by local production studio Lumiere and Mia Crockett Photography and they look stunning. We have repainted the shop and have new shelving on the way which will present our wares beautifully. We want our shop to be a real destination for our customers as we have a lot more than just soap to offer.” says Jody.

Handcrafted, luxury, every day. That’s the slogan and it fits well! They have dog shampoo which doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals. Their soap comes in all kinds of styles, colours and flavours and is designed to last the maximum time and won’t melt away after its first use. Soap for Men, Woman, Skin, Hair, Household, Furniture polish…soap in a bar is environmentally friendly and there’s no need for a plastic container.

A gift of soap isn’t a subtle way of saying ‘you smell, use this’ … it’s more like ‘you are special and deserve to be pampered with the absolute best’. Dave and Jody are great people and know that you are supporting a local Nelson business.

Make sure you drop in and check them out on your next visit to Nelson.


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Explore the virtual tour at Global Soap, 117 Nile Street, Nelson


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