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A living flame provides so much of what is important to us humans in the form of light, warmth, peace, security, and hope. There is nothing that so quickly and easily creates a cosy atmosphere or raises the energy in a room as a candle. The charm and joy of a candle is that it is just – alive. Lighting candles is cosy during the darkest months so it’s about time to light your beautiful candles.

The obvious choice to find beautiful candles in Nelson is Living Light.  From local and artisan roots, Living Light Candles has grown into a producer of world-class designer products. It all began in 1997, Living Light’s small team of candle makers was housed in a small shed on owner Cynthia Baur’s Golden Bay property. Cynthia came to New Zealand in 1984 with her knitwear label, a background that has led her to place design at the core of Living Light’s candle development. Now, with a team of 18 staff, creating an exquisite range of natural candles and home fragrance offerings, containers are being filled for export to Australia. All of this happens in a repurposed abattoir just behind the township of Takaka, a small distance from the original site. Each candle is still fully handmade, and Cynthia intends to remain New Zealand-made as she continues to expand.

Jude Biggs, store manager in Nelson explains. “Our candles are made of natural plants and beeswax or pure soy. Our home fragrance range is made with the finest fragrances sourced from around the world. We also have beautiful hand and body range as well as diffusers and room sprays”.

The collection of wonderful candles and home fragrance offerings are the perfect gift to give away to yourself or someone else you like. No home is complete without candles. Not only are they an instant mood booster, but great candles are also a transformative interiors accessory too.

“We are absolutely passionate about scent and design, creating beautiful products, which give the gift of everyday luxury to your home and sanctuary”.
At Living Light, you will find scented or unscented candles in several different shapes, colours, sizes. They have a large selection and all the accessories you need to arrange a tray with scented candles.

These hand-poured candles are made from high-quality materials and carefully selected natural ingredients.

The top selling candle is for sure the plant and beeswax Icicle candle (Obelisque). You simply light it, and magic will happen. The crystalline structure of this sculptural candle develops a unique lace like pattern as it burns. This multi-sensory candle not only smells amazing, but changes form as the melted wax drips down the side of the candle and creates an icicle effect.  It’s not just candles, it’s art.

Living Light’s offering comes at a variety of price points and makes a perfect choice for special occasions, a weekly treat or as gifts. Not only do the sell candles and soya jars, but you will also find the most beautiful room diffusers, room sprays, body bars, aroma stones and silky-smooth body lotions and hand cream here.  Experience everyday luxury enjoying the wonderful world of Living Light!


Enjoy shopping at Living Light and receive an exclusive 20% discount when purchasing online.  Use promo code UN22.  Apply code at checkout.


Explore the virtual tour at Living Light Nelson Store , Shop 2A, Nelson Central Arcade, 219 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

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