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Spring Supplies: Organic seed mix & New Zealand heritage seeds: Tim’s Garden

Spring Supplies: Organic seed mix & New Zealand heritage seeds ?
To order these products and more, go to or come and see us at 1/26 Gloucester Street, Nelson.
Daltons Organic Seed Mix 15L: $15.75
Daltons Organic Seed Mix is manufactured using the finest quality BioGro certified products, including naturally composted bark, organic materials, NuFert and pumice; blended and screened to produce a high quality medium suitable for all seed germination and cell growing. It includes NuFert, a BioGro certified slow release fertiliser produced by infusing nutrients into Zeolite granules. Plant roots then extract these nutrients, resulting in a more efficient uptake and stronger long term growth.
Setha’s New Zealand heritage seeds: $6.30
All of Setha’s NZ heritage seeds, which are most of the seeds in our range, came to New Zealand with the early settlers arriving on boats and wakas to start their new lives in a foreign land. Some came sown into hems of women’s skirts or in their trunks or suitcases. After all these years they have been kept alive by the gardeners of New Zealand. They are very well suited to this climate and you can now keep them alive in your garden for your children’s children to enjoy one day.

Friday flashback: Lockdown garden projects ?
Here’s what a few of our team got up to during lockdown…
Roman, head gardener: I finished bottling a fermented chilli sauce made from last year’s leftovers. It was made with mostly thai, serrano and rocoto peppers that were fermented in a salty brine for two months. Now all that’s left to do is to finish grinding the dried cayenne into chilli salt and that’s last season’s crop all finished!
Ricky, gardener: I began propagating some new succulents during lockdown – They’ll be ready in a couple of months! And available from Tim’s Garden.
Ida, gardener: I took the opportunity to get on top of my weeding – cardboard works great as an alternative weed mat to keep things under control.
What kept you busy in the garden? What are you working on now?

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