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Fireworks are here – 8 simple tips to help your pet: Halifax Veterinary Centre

Fireworks are here ? – 8 simple tips to help your pet.
In fact fireworks have already started, so now is the time for ‘band-aid’ solutions.
Here are 8 tips to use at home if your cat or dog gets upset with fireworks:
?If your pet is scared of fireworks avoid having fireworks at home.
?Make sure your pet has a way to escape the noise. When pets are trapped and in fear they often develop fears to other things that were around them at the time. Your pet may choose its own area but you can create a safe space for them.
?Choose a quiet area of the house away from windows and the direction the noise is coming from. Pull the curtains.
?Provide a crate or cardboard box with an open front they can hide in
Lots of blankets will give them something to hide under and also dampen the noise.
?Keep the amount of light in the area low. Soft music played can reduce the intensity of the noise and help your pet settle.
?Many pets benefit from the calming pheromones Adaptil for dogs and Feliway for cats. These are a powerful species- specific non-drug way of settling anxious dogs and cats. Available as a spray, diffuser or a collar (collars are for dogs only) , they are useful at any time a pet will be anxious. We use them a lot at the clinic. They are also helpful for car travel, separation anxiety, spray marking by cats, and high-stress times like Guy Fawkes.
?Calmex is a herbal medication available over the counter that has calming and anti-anxiety effects.
?Some very stressed pets need stronger medications. Call and talk to a nurse. Some of these medications will require a consultation if we have not seen your pet recently. Although short term medication is useful, if we can change anxiety for good then your pet will be healthier and happier.
?Desensitising pets to loud noises is the best long term treatment option. The aim is to teach them slowly that these sounds aren’t scary and replace them with good experiences. There are a few ways to do this, generally by getting them used to low levels of the noises and slowly increasing the intensity.

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