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Waste to wonderful: Nelson City Council

Compost your kitchen and garden waste, save money and feed your garden. Use this coupon (see below) at an approved retailer to get $20 off a compost bin, worm farm, worms or bokashi set thanks to Nelson City Council’s Rethink Waste programme subsidy.

Please remember, when handling compost, there are some precautions you should follow to avoid Legionnaires’ disease, a dangerous disease that is commonly caused by bacteria in soil, compost and potting mix.

To avoid Legionnaires’ disease when gardening, here are some tips from Nelson Marlborough Health:
1. In a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors, open compost and potting mix bags carefully using scissors, rather than by ripping them
2. Wear a disposable face mask and gloves, and open the bag away from your face
3. Do your potting in a well-ventilated area outdoors
4. Dampen down the potting mix or compost with a sprinkle of water to reduce airborne dust
5. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling potting mix or compost, or gardening.
For further details go to the Health Navigator NZ website.…/l/legionellosis/

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