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Nelson City Council has reviewed its Urban Environments Bylaw 2015 (No.225)

Nelson City Council has reviewed its Urban Environments Bylaw 2015 (No.225) as part of a regular review process designed to make sure that the bylaw is still fit for purpose, serving the community and keeping up with change.
The Urban Environments Bylaw covers a lot of the things that help us to live alongside each other harmoniously, such as the keeping of animals, management of public health, safety and nuisance, trading in public places, control of alcohol in public places, management of reserves, and burial and cremations. For further details go to Our Nelson
A substantial review of the Urban Environments Bylaw occurred in 2015, and only a small range of issues have arisen since that time. Consequently, most of the current bylaw is proposed to remain the same, and there are a handful of proposed tweaks and minor wording changes that aim to simplify processes and make the bylaw more legally robust.
A more significant change to the current bylaw is the removal of permission to play or practise golf in Neale Park, and changes to the bylaws around trading in public places.
Golf in Neale Park has caused public safety concerns from neighbouring residents and park users, including some near-miss incidents involving golf balls landing too close to young children. It is therefore proposed that Neale Park is no longer designated as an area where golf is allowed.
Another change is that retailers will no longer be required to obtain a permit before setting up a retail display on the footpath, and instead, the amended Bylaw will rule that retail displays cannot be a hazard to pedestrians or reduce the width of the footpath available to pedestrians to less than 1.5 metres. Likewise, sandwich boards will need to be placed so that there is at least 1.5m clearance on footpaths for pedestrians.
Submissions can be made:
By email:
By post: Nelson City Council, PO Box 645, Nelson 7040
Dropbox: Customer Service Centre, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson.


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