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12 signs you’re low in iron: Health 2000

Low iron can occur for a number of reasons such as poor digestion, poor absorption, and heavy menstrual cycles.

Having a low iron level can have a serious knock-on effect in your body. It can lead to poor oxygenation which affects both metabolism and immune response. Low tissue oxygen is considered to be a primary contributor to almost all disease states.

Symptoms of low iron:
1. Pale skin
2. Cold hands and feet
3. A sore tongue
4. Shortness of breath
5. Dizziness
6. A fuzzy head
7. Difficulty concentrating
8. Irritability
9. Brittle nails
10. Extreme fatigue
11. Weight gain from inactivity
12. Being prone to recurrent infections

HealthZone Iron Zone provides nutritional support for your red blood cells which provide oxygen for your entire body. It can help to reverse the symptoms of low iron, and it’s a non-constipating form of iron. Restoring iron levels can increase your energy levels so you can get active and start living life to the full again!

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