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Need a new lawnmower – buy it on The Good Sell !: The Brook Waimarama Santuary

Use your anyways money! The Good Sell is creating a social conscience around New Zealand and making donations to charities accessible to everyone by providing kiwis with an online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers with a platform to trade goods – but with a twist, every item is connected to a charity donating either 25%, 50%, 75%, or even 100% of the proceeds to charities just like The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Nelson, New Zealand.

What’s your anyways money?
Well, if you’re going to spend your money on a new lawnmower anyway? Or maybe you’re redecorating and in need of a statement art piece? Use The Good Sell where we can sell, shop and donate together?!
You can be a part of helping The Sanctuary raise $5,000 to reintroduce endangered native species into the South Island’s largest fenced sanctuary.
We want to connect people (visitors, our staff and volunteers) with the natural world in a way that promotes environmental responsibility and contributes to the restoration of our local and national ecosystems.

Let’s use our anyways money and feel good knowing every listing donates to charities just like ours!
As a seller, you can choose to donate 25%, 50%, 75%, or even 100% of the proceeds.

Support the Mahi, grab 3 friends or whanau and invite them to find 3 items they could list on The Good Sell because you never know who might be looking for it anyways!

The Good Sell is an online platform where kiwis can list things and donate a % of the proceeds to a campaign.

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