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The Coffee Company – from beans to machines and all the in-betweens

Ironically as I begin to write this article, I notice myself sipping a fresh coffee. Even though it’s a cheap supermarket sachet, I sense my life is about to be changed for the better as share I this story with you.

In between sipping your favourite coffee drink brewed from freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans, have you ever wondered where coffee originated?

One prevailing theory notes that coffee originated in Ethiopia. Legend has it that a goat herder named Kaldi who, after stepping out into his field, was shocked to see his goats missing. In the search, he went out to the forest only to find them gathered around a coffee tree dancing wildly. To his surprise, the source of their excitement was a red cherry hanging from several coffee trees. Intrigued by this, Kaldi himself tried the strange cherry and soon found himself dancing alongside his four-legged friends. He shared his discovery of this ‘miraculous berry’ with monks from a nearby monastery.

The legend goes on that the monks, initially sceptical, wondered why such a simple berry would have such a profound effect on a man. Believing it contained satanic supernatural powers, the monks cast the berries into the fire to ‘exorcise their powers,’ but they could not resist the coffee’s pleasant aroma coming out of the fire. As a result, they ordered that the beans be drunk with hot water “so the goodness may flow through the liquid” and soon the beverage was used exclusively by monks in monasteries.

Within no time, coffee became a great beverage to the church since it allowed monks to work late into the night translating Biblical scriptures. Interesting stuff!

The Coffee Company supplies all things coffee, from both commercial and home coffee machines, cups, mugs, portable coffee makers and more. Their website has a huge selection of what’s on offer in the wide world of coffee and might even tick a box for a gift idea – Think of that uncle who is hard to shop for; who doesn’t love a beautifully styled, Italian made stovetop espresso maker?

James Graham is the owner and director of The Coffee Company in Nelson. He’s in his mid-twenties and is a well-travelled, upbeat and passionate local who is at the office before 8am. His father Iain formerly ran the business and during the first Covid lockdown, he decided he liked the idea of taking it easy, so James stepped in and bought the business.

James is a passionate cricket player and has played internationally before returning home to Nelson and working for the Youth Community Trust. He is involved in the local Athletic Cricket Club Old Boys and The Nelson Griffens teams, which he loves.

Jacqui is a valuable member of the team, coming from a hospitality background. She is a whizz at managing the website, customer service and making sure the shop is in tip-top shape.

“We service cafes and venues from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Since this has been our family business for as long as I can remember, I’ve seen Dad work with clients and have picked up a lot of experience watching him over the years. He’s happily retired now but is always happy to help us out if needed.

One of the perks of the job is we get to travel to meet our suppliers. I like to know the products and the people who we buy from, so we go to Italy and do this face to face. Every time I go overseas I’m reminded that Nelson will always be my home and we’ve got a good thing going here.”

Visit their website and check out the blogs, you can learn some cool tips and how to make better coffee. You may become enlightened like me, and never drink a cheap sachet coffee again!

Shop 130 Hardy Street, Nelson
Call 03 548 5656

Explore the virtual tour at The Coffee Company

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