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What type of skin do I have?: Woman Beauty Day Spa

What type of skin do I have? It’s a question clients frequently ask us when they visit our Nelson Day Spa. So, in this week’s article, we thought we would explore different skin types and their characteristics. Read on for all the details.

What type of skin do I have?
Many factors affect the look and feel of your skin. Age, hormones, diet, stress levels, and environmental changes can affect your skin’s character. Before we look at the different skin types, it’s important to note that your skin type will change over your lifetime and even from season to season.

The fact that these variations occur is a good thing; because it also means that you can improve your skin’s condition by altering your diet, and exercise regime, and choosing the correct skin care products for the season and your age.

So, let’s take a closer look at how we categorise skin type.

What type of skin do I have?
Oily Skin:

Oily skin has a shiny appearance, often with visibly enlarged pores. This skin type occurs when sebum production (naturally secreted oils) goes into overdrive. This overproduction is often the result of hormone levels. While we often see teenagers and younger adults with oily skin, other age groups of men and women can also have oily skin characteristics.

Dry Skin:
Conversely, dry skin is a skin type that secretes less sebum. It usually has an uneven texture and tone, looking dull and lifeless. Fine lines are more visible on dry skin, and so, it is often associated with ageing. But again, it can affect all age groups.

Combination Skin:
Combination skin is a common skin type that shows some dry and some oily areas. The oily areas generally manifest in what is referred to as the ‘T Zone’; the forehead, nose and chin.

Sensitive Skin:
If you have sensitive skin, you will likely find that it is red and itchy. It might also tend towards dryness. Like any skin type, sensitive skin is rarely permanent. But, you will need to be mindful of the skin care products and procedures you use to avoid flare-ups.

Normal Skin:
Normal skin is a popular term to describe well-balanced skin. In other words, the skin has a regular texture with few imperfections. It will also tolerate most products and treatments. The good news is with the proper care; any skin can become ‘normal’ skin.

The best way to discover your skin type is to visit us at Woman Beauty. We are always happy to offer advice and recommend the correct products and treatments so that you attain or keep healthy balanced skin. And remember, throughout the year, we host special events like the Observ Skin Diagnostics event and the Ultraceuticals Real Visible Results programme, where we delve a little deeper into your skin’s requirements. Scroll down and sign up if you’re not on our mailing list! That way, we can let you know when the next event happens.

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