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Thumbs up if you love chilies: Tim’s Garden

Thumbs up if you love chilies just as much as our head gardener Roman ?
We just received these stunning chili images from Roman’s home garden and they were too impressive not to share with you all!
Varieties include:
?️ Ancho
?️ Yellow Primo Ghost
?️ Red Scotch Bonnet
?️ Aji Amarillo
?️ Habanero
?️ Bhut Jolokia
If you’re after a similar result Roman recommends growing your chilies in a hothouse as they just LOVE the heat, This will reward you with a better yield and a stronger heat and taste.
Towards the end of the season take back the leaves on the plant to allow more sun on the fruit to ripen.
With the right conditions, you should be able to harvest your chilies well into June (or until the first big frosts arrive).
Happy gardening!

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