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The Koru Centre – A place of healing and restoration

Nelson has always been a place of healing. There’s a vibe that runs through our region that is a big part of our local culture and unique lifestyle. Meet Tessa Cochrane, Founder & Director of Koru Centre. She’s a spiritually aware and a ‘switched on’ soul. After meeting Tessa for the first time I discover that she has been involved in the health & wellness industry for twenty five years and has learnt to follow her instincts thorough-out her journey – which I’m sure you will discover is inspirational.

Tessa is from Dunedin and moved to America when she was a tot, when her father attended a fellowship in child psychiatry. She lived in the States until returning to New Zealand in 2006, and has been living in Nelson since 2010.

“After establishing my naturopathic and massage clinic at 144 Health, I moved to my current location at 243 Trafalgar Street. Fate stepped in at this stage in life, when it was suggested that I purchase Curves gym for women. This offered an amazing opportunity to blend fitness into my health and wellness offerings. The system was remarkable in catering to women of all fitness levels and providing an inclusive environment. It was an incredible learning experience. When it became necessary to wind down the gym due to sustainability issues; it came time to realise my vision of developing the space into a holistic health centre.” says Tessa.

The Koru Centre is a stunning building. It’s tall ceilings, white walls, multiple spaces and elegant design makes it the ideal place for multi practitioners. Currently, they have Yoga classes, Pilates, and a variety of training sessions in the studio. The studio is hired out for both regular classes as well as weekend events.

ThetaHealing, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Matrix Re-patterning, Naturopathy, Massage and a very talented Tattoo artist in residence. There is room for more, it’s an ideal space for a massage therapist, counsellor, or similar to hire a furnished space on a casual basis at affordable rates. It’s peaceful and quiet inside which sets the tone.

Tessa is highly qualified in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Massage, Reiki and Emotion Code including a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science. She has been busy studying a groundbreaking technique called Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). As she nears the completion of her studies, she will be looking for some willing individuals for practice
sessions. If this sounds like something you would like to try, please get in touch. Limited spaces are available.

“The mind-body connection plays a huge part in how we respond to situations in life. Many who have struggled with ongoing health, emotional, mental, and energy problems discover that their emotions if left unaddressed are part of what’s keeping them stuck in a negative pattern. It’s a deep level of awareness that isn’t reached easily on one’s own. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a well-researched method where a qualified practitioner can help guide the client through a powerful and life-changing process of healing in as little as one to three sessions. I am very excited to bring this powerful technique to Nelson and know it will help many who are ready to let go of the patterns that have held them back.”

The Alternative health industry has gained momentum over the past decade, with highly qualified practitioners moving to Nelson from overseas and sharing their knowledge. There is always a need to consult with a good GP, it’s not a replacement, it’s anenhancement that has helped thousands of kiwis who have been stuck in a pattern that a 10 min GP consult just can’t reach.

The Koru Centre is a great hub to explore various means of Health & Wellbeing. Take a look at their website and make a booking today.

Level One 243 Trafalgar Street, Nelson
Call 021 794 500
Visit the website

Explore the virtual tour at Koru Centre

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