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Winter Makeup Tips: Woman Day Spa for Women & Men

Jane Iredale is one of our longest standing and much-loved product ranges. This season you will start to see the introduction of some new Jane Iredale packaging and products. So, because we know you’ll want to treat yourself to some new items as they arrive in the spa, we thought we would write this article with some winter makeup tips to serve as inspiration!

Winter Makeup Tips:
Have a Spring (Winter) Clean:
With each change of season, it’s a good idea to spring clean your makeup bag. Firstly, empty your makeup bag, check the expiry date on your products, and toss any past their best. Then turn your bag inside out over the sink, and use a dry toothbrush to dislodge all the bits that may have gathered in the corner. You can remove any caked-on makeup using a cotton pad soaked in eye makeup remover. Then use any household anti-bacterial cleaner, spraying the surface of the inside of the bag. Leave it to dry before you fill it with new season colours and products!

Get the Foundations Right:
We’re not just talking about your actual foundation selection but also preparing your skin for makeup application. The constant transitioning from harsh weather outside to a heated inside environment can dry your skin. So, make sure that you update your moisturisers and serums to give your skin some much-needed hydration. Then consider using a primer before you apply your foundation. This extra step will help to minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines, but notably at this time of year, it will also help to lock in moisture.

Colour Correction!
Just as you update your wardrobe in summer, you might want to review your makeup colour palette. Swap your summer nudes for deeper, warmer lip and cheek colours over the cooler seasons.

Luscious Lips…
Lips, like your skin, can become dehydrated in winter. So, consider swapping your lipstick for lip balms and glosses. If, like us, you still love a lipstick, then consider Jane Iredale’s Triple Luxe™ Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick. It does what it says on the packet… Moisturises and lasts!

Be sure your Peepers Pop!
Sometimes, when we’re all wrapped up for winter with hats and scarves, the first thing people notice is our eyes. So a great mascara is a must, but consider Jane Iredale’s PureLash® Lash Extender & Conditioner. A single coat of this conditioner before applying mascara will help strengthen, lengthen and thicken your lashes, making the mascara twice as effective.

Finally, add a Twinkle to Your Eyes:
Brighten up a dull autumn day with a sparkle of your own. Rose gold or classic gold shimmer eyeshadow is the perfect way to update a subtle smoky eye. Call in to find your perfect shade!

Now that we have shared our winter makeup tips call into the spa and choose some items to update your makeup bag.


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