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Defend Systems – protecting your property the smart way

Who remembers the DIY electronic kits from Dick Smith? (back in the day)

I wonder how many curious teenagers have gone on to greater things after getting one of these for a birthday present?

Meet Justin, he is the owner/operator of Defend Systems operating in the top of the south. His experience in electronic protection and security systems spans over two decades. It began when he built an electric lock with an intruder siren for his bedroom door when he was in his early teens.

“It was exciting and I soon realised I naturally understood how circuitry works and once you get your head around the various parts, the potential is limitless. I still have this passion to this day.” Says Justin.

Fast forward a few years, and he was working on large government contracts with their prison surveillance and escape detection systems. He would design the whole system so it was customised to each facility.

“We were using some very advanced technology for those projects. Thermal detection cameras, Closed Circuit TV cameras and more. It’s a little bit like the Mission Impossible movies sometimes. I love my job.” Justin laughs

Technology is developing all the time. Some of his clients have their home security system linked with an app on their mobile phones. If someone enters the property they get a notification. All of this is made to be simple to use and customised to every client.

It’s interesting to learn about how cameras can be set up to detect car number plates, and they can differentiate a rego plate from graphics or sign writing. The cameras are crystal clear and have backup systems so they are always running.

Raised in Cheviot (Just north of Christchurch) Justin did his training as an electrical engineer in Christchurch. In his 22-year career, he has won some awards. When he was working for ADT Security Services. He was in the top 2% of the country for his sales and contracts running over the $4 million mark, which says it all. Passion, talent and hard work combined is a powerful combo.

“Recently I have picked up the contract to build the security systems for 5 farms in the region. The farmers can feel safe that their expensive equipment is secure. It’s a challenging task to set up over long distances, but it’s very rewarding to know it’s making a huge difference to those who work hard and invest in expensive equipment. You have to be a jack of all trades in this line of work. Thinking outside the square and applying the kiwi DIY is key to making everything work because each situation is different.”

As we chat at a cafe I learn he has been in a rock band for many years and owns 16 guitars! On the weekends he loves to go fishing, and often helps out his partner at the Nelson Markets in her run her food cart business. They have 2 sons and 2 English Staff dogs who love a run at the park.

Justin is a genuine bloke, easy to chat to and if you would like a quote or a consult get in touch today.

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