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Help the Welsh family to support Nikki while she fights her biggest battle.

Our beautiful friend Nikki has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. This page has been created to help her spend quality time with her family, husband Archie and children Izayah and Indie.

Archie, Izayah and Indie would love take some time off to support Nikki and be there for her while she fights for her life.

Nikki is always there for people and is renowned for reaching out to the Nelson community through pharmacy. She is an exceptional friend and a mum to others outside her family circle and is still making a difference in people’s lives. Let’s get together and give some of the kindness back to her.

Ilonka Gotal’s involvement (page creator)
Nikki is my friend, second mum and my boss.

Use of funds
Nikki’s cancer is terminal. Money donated will go to Welsh family so they could take time off work to support Nikki while she goes through chemotherapy and also it will help them stay together in the hardest of times, when Nikki goes.

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