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Winter Beauty Problems – How We Help: Woman Beauty Day Spa

Unfortunately, cold weather and dry skin go together like peas and carrots… It’s not just the skin on your face that suffers either. The rest of your body also needs some extra TLC during the winter. So, in this week’s blog article, we thought we’d look at some specific winter beauty problems and how we help.

Winter Beauty Problems – How We Help:
Cracked Feet:
In the winter months, it’s easy to pull on your woollen socks and say goodbye to your toes for a few months. But, cold, dry weather and low humidity can take their toll on your tootsies. Before you know it, the skin on your heels can start to crack, causing pain and sometimes leading to more severe foot problems

Thankfully, our therapists can help alleviate cracked skin with a soothing pedicure.

We recommend the extra TLC you’ll get from the Pure Fiji Deluxe Pedicure (currently a seasonal special). You’ll get all the deliciousness of our Pure Fiji Pedicure with the added luxury of warming Paraffin. Enjoy the many benefits, including hydration and heat therapy. This treatment also helps blood flow, relaxes muscles and reduces stiffness in joints, which is perfect for arthritis. All in all, it’s a seventy-minute treat for your feet!

Parched Elbows:
The skin on your elbows is generally thicker than elsewhere on your body. These pointy protrusions also have fewer sebaceous glands than other areas, so they can quickly become dry and flaky in the winter months. So, be sure to slather them with moisturiser or body oil. Let us help you find your favourite infusion of Pure Fiji’s Body Butter or Nourishing Exotic Oil.

If you’re looking for full-body hydration, consider investing in the Island Wrap, this treatment perfectly hydrates dry skin leaving the body with a beautiful “island glow”.

Hands that need Hydrating:
It’s fair to say that hands are often neglected to save face! You might set a budget aside for skincare and facials, but unless you actively take care of your hands, they could be the things that give your age away! The Pure Fiji Deluxe Manicure makes it easy to keep them supple and well moisturised! Don’t forget you’ll need a Pure Fiji Nourishing Hand Creme to take home with you; if you book our seasonal special, we include this as a bonus gift while stocks last.

Chapped Lips:
Chapped lips are common in winter. The skin on your lips is much thinner compared to facial skin, so this is often the first sign that your skin is drying out from cold temperatures, winter winds and a lack of humidity.

Thankfully, our favourite skincare makeup brand, Jane Iredale has a wonderful solution, LipDrink® Lip Balms quench your lips with hydrating protection that will leave lips feeling moisturized, protected and refreshingly scented.

Remember, our expert therapists are incredibly knowledgeable. So, if you have any other winter beauty problems that bother you, call in for a chat, and we’ll help you find a solution!

Source: Woman Day Spa for Women & Men

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