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6 Weeks to go Forsyth Barr Contemporary Ceramics Award: Refinery ArtSpace

6 WEEKS TO GO!!! Our heartfelt thanks go to Forsyth Barr for supporting our creative community.
You have 6 working weeks to go to get your piece ready for your submission to Pushing Clay Uphill – Forsyth Barr Contemporary Ceramics Award.
“Forsyth Barr is proud to sponsor the Nelson Clay Week Supreme Award 2022.
Our local team of advisers and support staff are delighted to support the festival and its artists through our sponsorship of the Supreme Award. We are passionate about the arts and the buzz which Clay Week will bring to Nelson.
As a New Zealand-owned and operated firm for over 85 years we have been helping New Zealanders invest in their future. Throughout this time, we have been very proud of the support we have been able to provide our local communities.
We look forward to congratulating the winning artist on their achievement when presenting the Forsyth Barr Ceramics Award, and celebrating the art of ceramics through the many activations and events happening across the week.”
The inaugural Finalists Exhibition and Award Presentation of the $8000 cash prize will be from 5.30pm Saturday 1st October at Refinery ArtSpace Nelson and will be one of the may highlights of Nelson Clay Week.
For details and how to apply go to the Arts Council Nelson website
For more details about Nelson Clay Week and all of the opportunities to participate
go to
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FB @NelsonClayWeek
Instagram @nelson.clay.week

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