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Clue Hunters – Enjoy the ultimate test of escape room fun!

Clue Hunters is the latest innovative activity that can be enjoyed in the Nelson CBD. It’s a hit around the world and it!s time Nelsonians enjoyed this fun activity.

Phillipa and her husband James enjoyed this experience around New Zealand and decided it was time for Nelson to have a go.

“Our primary school aged daughters loved escape rooms, and we thought that Nelson needed something like this. We have experienced it before and knew it would be a hit with the locals. We leased the ideal space and the rest is history” says Phillipa.

“We moved here from Christchurch over 5 years. There’s an extended family here for us that makes Nelson feel like home. We love it here, the lifestyle is amazing.” says Phillipa.

“Clue Hunters is ideal for team building, birthday parties and school holidays. We have researched at length and purchased the best scenarios and puzzles that have been proven over the years and have thousands of excellent reviews. There’s something for everyone and we love seeing groups enjoy their session and leave laughing and having fun.”

There is a range of different scenarios available. Some are harder than others but it’s all about enjoying yourselves and working as a team. It’s something everyone will remember and talk about for a long time.

From Aunt Betty’s flat where you have to find her hidden items with it’s 80s theme, to Double Cross at Tony’s Bistro, where you have to find the gangsters incriminating evidence before the cops show up. No pressure!

There’s The Little Candy Shop of Horrors where if you don’t find the answer to the riddles, you might end up being part of the candy! Keep an eye out it might turn into something even scarier!

The Wild West saloon has lots to get focused on with the loot from a diamond magnate to discover.

“It’s been an exciting venture for us, and we employ 4 local staff which ensures each group has a great time.”

Clue Hunters is an experience that suits any team or organisation that wants to have a memorable time together. It’s an affordable way to have a staff party or a team-building activity. It’s great for kids too as they have seen many families book a session and have a blast.

There is video surveillance in all the rooms to make sure the teams are making progress. You can even ask the Game Masters if you’re completely stuck and need a clue.

“It’s been a fun project to build over the past year and it’s a great location with plenty of parking available. We are even getting groups from Blenheim and Christchurch coming to enjoy the Clue Hunters experience which is encouraging. Having an op shop nearby has been helpful. The rooms are carefully themed and hunting for items in the various op shops in the Nelson region has been great fun.”

Book a mind-bending group event that will be remembered for all the right reasons for years to come.

Visit their website for bookings.


Explore the virtual tour at Clue Hunters

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