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Fleas aren’t the only thing causing irritation and itchy skin this Spring: Halifax Veterinary Centre

Fleas aren’t the only thing causing irritation and itchy skin this Spring. With the warmer weather we also see a rise in allergic skin disease.
Boss is a huge bundle of love and positivity who loves to give hugs. He’s been a bit down in the dumps lately though due to his inflamed, red skin. Itchiness has been causing Boss to scratch and chew at his skin, which sadly makes the situation worse and perpetuates the cycle.
It’s important to get on top of the inflammation in order for his sore skin to heal, so Boss has been prescribed medication and ordered to wear The Cone of Shame for now. Sorry Boss! If we can stop you chewing then we can help you heal.
His comfort is equally important and so pain relief is also a must for this delightful boy.
Dr Todd took a sample from a hot spot and looked at the cells in our in-house lab, where he discovered that there is definitely an infection present at the moment too and so Boss is also on antibiotics to get on top of that.
There is a lot you can do at home for your itchy pets. Washing paws when coming in from outside helps remove potential allergens like grass and pollen. Tackling chewing as soon as you notice it by bringing them to the vet can help us get on top of the itch ASAP and hopefully prevent further damage.
Incorporating DHAs and Omega 3s into the diet is also known to have a positive effect so using an oil supplement like Canine Skin & Coat, a Green Lipped Mussel sprinkle such as Pet Sprinkles or a pre-mixed food such as Hill’s Derm Complete is a fantastic idea for both prevention and maintenance. We stock all of these products at Halifax, so feel free to ask any of our nurses about them.
It’s not easy having a pet with a skin condition, it’s often a long and repetitive road to get on top of it and it requires lifelong management. So a huge shoutout to all of you who are living with an itchy pet. Especially Boss’ parents, who are doing a fantastic job.

Be like #handsome ‘London’. Be secure in the knowledge that your pets, family and home are protected against the Spring/Summer population EXPLOSION of fleas.
Prevention is so much better than cure – if you treat BEFORE you see fleas then you’ll be more likely to avoid an infestation of your pet’s bedding and your home.
There are lots of special deals on flea product coming up so come in to take advantage of them while the going is good!
We thought it’d be fun to run a little competition. Post a video or photo below of your pet doing their best flea impression (eg, bouncing!) and be in to win your choice of flea product for the featured pet. Competition closes Sunday 25th Sept and the winner will be announced on Tuesday 27th. Good luck! ?


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