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My Recipe to showcase was the Vanilla Bean Marshmallow: Sweet not Sugar

Today I did a Thermomix ®️ cooking class with some of my fellow Nelson consultants who also like to eat sugar free.
My Recipe to showcase was the Vanilla Bean Marshmallow. This is great on its own or you can use the keto shortbread cookies recipe to make a base for a Marshmallow slice or to use as the biscuits for mallowpuffs.
Tips from me are………
With the cookies, you need to roll the cookie dough between baking paper. Once rolled place it on a oven tray. Remove top layer of paper, then bake. While your cookie sheet is still warm, use a cookie cutter to shape the cookies.
Don’t throw away the leftover pieces, these make great cheesecake base cookie crumbs or you can make fudge cake with them.
You need to pipe the Marshmallow onto the base, so double the whipping time so it is firm enough to pipe. If you are just doing Marshmallow in a tray, Once is enough.
I use a mix of 92% chocolate and white sugarfree buttons melted to coat.
Don’t have the chocolate too hot or it will melt the marshmallow. A quick dip is best! I will post the recipes in the comments. In the marshmallow I replace the sugar with allulose (this will give you the best result) but make sure to use eyrithtol in the cookies (this will make them nice and crisp)
I dust my Marshmallows with coconut instead of cornflour and cut into squares.
I will post the recipe for vanilla bean paste if you are keen to make your own. Again allulose works best in this as it won’t crystallize and just use clear fibre syrup instead of rice malt syrup.
If you a very keen you can give your slice or mallowpuffs a jammy filling so that recipe is also in the comments. Good luck!
They can be fiddly but are worth it! Although the easier way is just to make it as a slice!
Make base, bake, cool, pour over Marshmallow, set, top with chocolate, and cut ? happy to answer any questions.

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