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ThetaHealing®️ Basic DNA Course: Koru Studio

?Would you like to show up more genuinely, communicate more confidently?
?Are you looking for more purpose, fun and ease in your work/life?
?Do you feel stuck, you tried lots of things but something still keeps holding you back from living in your full potential?
?Do you want to feel more happy & connected?
?Do you want to feel more loved & accepting of yourself?
Join us for this beautiful weekend course and learn the basics of ThetaHealing, a powerful yet gentle personal development/ meditation/ energy healing technique to improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
This February I’m teaching the Basic Course again in Nelson. I’d love to see you there. ?
I found this technique amazing for my clients wanting to promote their businesses and services with more confidence & ease.
If you work with people, this can also be an excellent way to communicate better, develop your services, and coaching/ healing practice.
As for your private life, it can help you create and nourish more connected, more genuine and fulfilling relations with your loved ones, including yourself!
Working with the Theta brainwaves, you will learn how to:
? work with your subconscious patterns and beliefs that hold you back
? change them into more empowering and supportive ones
? unblock stuck emotions, fear, resentment, anger, rejection, loss from your body
? connect with people in a more assertive and harmonious way
? tap into the energy of unconditional love and enjoy more of work & life
Make 2023 the year of showing up for yourself! You totally deserve it!
Then watch your business, your relationships to others AND yourself B! taken to another level!
You can book your spot here and say YES to yourself:…
Investment in yourself: $672
Payment plan available.
If you repeat the course, enjoy a 50% discount.
Feedback from previous course participants:
“ThetaHealing has given me a new way to access support; directly and instantaneously. It is there to guide us through transitions, increase our reserves, find inner strength, connect us with our inner selves, and peel away the layers that prevent us from being our authentic selves. I feel so much more deeply connected, engaged, supported and hopeful about my path forward.”
“The course was without question, a wise investment into myself and my business.
I’d recommend ThetaHealing to anyone who is open to new ways of doing things; who is ready to face themselves honestly and to welcome in change and grow towards their true potential.”
“We don’t have to keep those beliefs that no longer serve us. We can change things. I am so much happier within myself that I can face anything now without second guessing myself and taking other people’s negativity on board.”
“I learned how to dig deeper into my feelings and get to the root cause of limiting beliefs.”
“It became clear to me how much the past has impacted what I have done and how much it has formed my blockages and excuses. I am surprised with the clarity this technique has given me, and the support I feel simply knowing that I can use it at any time.”

FEB 17 AT 3 PM – FEB 19 AT 5 PM
Event by B Social
Koru Studio


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