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Living compost from @communitycompost is back in stock: Tim’s Garden

Living compost from @communitycompost is back in stock ?
This compost is a high quality, living product made from locally collected scraps and aborist mulch. It is a fantastic feed for your garden is incomparible to bulk compost blends.
We suggest you use it sparingly to innoculate and feed your beds, planters or garden edges. It can be used for new build sections or existing gardens, in the hole you’ve dug for transplanting or as a top dress like mulch. Please water it in once it is in contact with the ground.
How can I get some?
?purchase your compost online or in-store – just choose how much you want.
?price includes delivery – this product can ONLY be delivered. You cannot pick it up from the shop as it cannot be kept in sealed buckets for long.
?we deliver once per week and will be in touch about delivering your compost
For more information check out our website, give us a call or pop in and visit us on Gloucester st.
☎️ 03 5391122 or 0221967109

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