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Baby On The Move – Where Little Things Matter

It is a specialty retail shop with a cheerful vibe that’s infectious as soon as you enter. It’s clear that the team at Baby On The Move are passionate about all things babies, and understand the challenges of parenting.

According to NZ Automobile Association, in New Zealand 80% of car seats are either not installed correctly or are used incorrectly. What defines correct use for maximum safety is the specs from the manufacturers. Every manufacturer puts their products through rigorous testing before they can be sold.

Like most safety products, car seats have an expiry date. There are different materials like plastic and foam that can break down over their lifespan. Factors like sunlight, oxygen, urine and other substances can limit the effectiveness and safety. In the case of an accident parents shouldn’t find themselves in a position where they learn the hard way.

The team at Baby On The Move are all passionate about car seat safety and are all qualified Child Restraint Technicians. You can trust their years of experience when you are looking for advice or a compliant and safe car seat installation for your little one.

Did you know that in a crash situation the weight of the child is multiplied by 20 times. So a 10kg baby can turn into a 200kg weight in an instant. Makes you think right? There are also misconceptions about the perceived danger on open roads and rural roads. The stats say accidents are 50% likely to happen in either scenario, so ensuring your car seat installation and proper use is important, no matter where you travel.

“We have been working with the Road safety team in Nelson which consists of Constable Melanie Allen and her colleagues within the Tasman District Police, NCC and TDC representatives. We attended a Police safety checkpoint and assessed and educated drivers on correct use and installation of children’ car seats. We were shocked to discover 95% of those we observed failed the manufacturers guidelines.” says Marianne.

This message needs to get out there that the car seats need to tick three boxes:

1. Fit the child appropriately
2. Installed correctly
3. Operated correctly

We offer a service where we check your existing car seat, and correctly install and educate users on how to use it properly. This service is include when you purchase or rent your car seat from Baby On The Move, or there is a small technicians fee if you have acquired it elsewhere.

Car seats use a wide range of technology. Imagine if you are a tired / under slept parent, you want to have a car seat that is simple to use and doesn’t require 10 different steps to set up. It’s too easy to take shortcuts and the consequences could be very serious. These days you can find seats that are much easier to install, and have some cool features for convenience – so it is highly recommended to speak to a qualified child restraint technician about your vehicle, your child, and your lifestyle so you purchase appropriately.

Baby On The Move in Nelson has 5 staff however they are on the search for a new team member. The role needs someone upbeat and have high level of people skills as the team develop really close bonds with their customers, which helps to ensure they are selecting products that will work best for them.

“Our shop is like a family hub, where we get to know our customers well. We get to see the kids grow up and that is really special. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach as all children are different sizes and have different situations – and there’s no such thing as a magical instruction manual that comes with each child.” Marianne laughs.

For fast growing infants there’s a car seat hire option which is really popular and an affordable option for young families. There’s plenty of options and accessories in the shop. Best make them a visit and get up to speed. Your little ones safety is worth it!

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