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Salvito’s Pizza Bar – lifting the game with top quality Italian style Pizza in Nelson.

It’s been a year since we first chatted with John at Salvito’s Pizza Bar in Hardy Street. At the time, we talked about the history of our local Italian community who immigrated to Nelson and his new business a testament to these early pioneers. The authentic Italian ingredients and distinct crispy base make the pizza here at Salvito’s Pizza Bar truly amazing.

We asked John how things have been going, and you will be delighted to hear that their business has gone from strength to strength with their beautiful pizza growing in popularity throughout the region.

“Our catering service has taken off. We worked hard to upgrade our systems and can now produce one of our giant slabs every 30 seconds. This makes it easy when catering for large events and we can now comfortably manage groups of up to 150 people. With pizza packages starting at just $17.50 per person it’s very affordable and with the variety of flavours in our range it’s a big step up from what you might normally expect on that budget.” says John.

We all know that New Zealanders are facing a cost-of-living crisis. Everything is expensive, and it is challenging for business owners in our CBD. We asked John for his spin on the situation as he’s an experienced business owner and knows what to do when the going gets tough.

“It’s definitely been a period of pressure in recent months. It has seen costs continue to climb, and as many of our ingredients are imported from Italy, we’ve been hit hard. But facing difficulties isn’t a new phenomenon for businesses and the answer lies in looking closer at what we do to make things better and more efficient. Even in difficult times, businesses can thrive.”

This is the mindset at Salvito’s Pizza Bar. They have a strong team ethic and this helps.

“Every person in our team is looking at how we can make our Italian pizza product and service better and this has been at the heart of any success we’ve had. Over the past couple of years so many parts of the business have evolved and improved, and we have our wonderful team to thank for that.”

Vito is constantly scoring the ‘crunch’ when he cuts up the pizza on the front counter and if anything isn’t right, he lets the kitchen know. Vinnie is at the heart of production, making sure all our orders are made ‘just in time’ and that wait times for customers are kept to an absolute minimum. Maria oversees food prep, from marinating our artichokes and peppers to tasting every single batch of pizza sauce to make sure it’s perfect.

“Both myself and my partner Eva both work on all aspects of the business in the background to make sure the product is consistent, and everything runs smoothly. This is an enjoyable journey for all of us with a lot of fun and laughter working together.” says John.

And it shows. After their first year they hit the unbelievable milestone of ‘100 out of 100’ 5-star google reviews and the incredible 5-star reviews keep coming.

“Reviews are important for us. It’s a slice of real life. You may not want to hear any bad news, but it’s important to listen to feedback if you want to get better.”

If you feel the need for pizza or want to try something special, you seriously need to visit Salvito’s Pizza Bar. It’s an inspirational and upbeat local business that will make your taste buds dance and bring you back to a time when everything was all about the customer, and you truly felt it.

Visit their website and like their socials for more information.

Explore the virtual tour at Salvito’s Pizza Bar

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