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Road Hogs 1950’s themed indoor mini-golf and fun centre

It’s the place to take the kids, family groups and even the staff at work to have some fun, connect with each other and remember all the good things about the 1950’s. It’s also rumoured to be a perfect location for a first date!

It’s been a year since we met with Tania and she is still very optimistic about Road Hogs and has been busy refining it so everyone gets a positive and memorable experience.

“We get a lot of tourists looking for something fun and unique to do. It’s ideal for both children and adults. The leaders board is popular as some of our staff social groups enjoy being competitive and having their name on the board.” says Tania.

It’s all about connection, interaction and light hearted fun. Mini-golf as a game has survived the digital revolution and the 18 hole course is built from mostly recycled materials. Some of you will notice some iconic Nelson artefacts. The Glow Zone has an old movie playing on a screen with fluorescent paint marking the way. One must ‘use the force’ to complete the challenge.

They have introduced some fun twists like Trivial Pursuit and Romance games into the mini-golf component. Better not miss the hole or you may have to answer a difficult or awkward question!

The milkshakes are made using healthy local ingredients like A2 Milk and Cream from Oaklands Farm and feature the yummiest flavours with Pics Peanut butter and Belgian Chocolate.

In the 1950s New Zealand experienced a period of increasing standard of living, with virtually no unemployment, and a growing economy. The country was going through the post-war baby boom, with record population growth.

It was not long after World War 2 had come to an end, when juke-boxes, milk-bars, diners with checkered floors and rock ’n’ roll dancing were the craze. This era in New Zealand was all about big cars with polished chrome bumpers and bench seats, with many on show at local street hops.

For many it was a wonderful era and often when we reflect backwards a few decades things usually seem bigger and brighter perhaps than they were at the time. That’s the thing about nostalgia… memories can be enjoyed again when you experience a place like Road Hogs the stories will come flooding back.

Tania comes from rural Taranaki where the world-famous ‘Taranaki Gate’ made with No.8 wire was born.

“I am passionate about reminding our young people that music wasn’t always streamed from a tiny device, and if something broke we had to be innovative and fix it with our hands. To put the 1950’s era into perspective it wasn’t until 1960 when New Zealand had its first TV broadcast. So this was an era without screens – something that’s hard to imagine for some.

“Initially this place was a video hire shop, when it was gifted by local legend Troy Warring. He did all the hard yards building it and chose to gift it to someone who would take it over and get it out there. This aligned perfectly with what I was passionate about so I made contact.” says Tania

If you would like to book a session at Road Hogs get in touch today. Think work parties, team building, family reunions, birthday parties and entertaining kids during the school holidays.
Call 03 5481 662


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