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There’s something for everyone at Natureland.

Nature Education

In an increasingly busy urbanised world, Natureland provides important opportunities for community to interact with and learn about nature. Nurturing a connection to the natural world is crucial for children’s development, as research shows time and time again. Interactions with animals, time spent outside, learning about flora and fauna and immersing oneself in the sounds, smells, sights and textures of nature all plays a role in enhancing ones hauora (wellbeing). After all, we are a part of nature and we’re in this together.

Natureland offers many different opportunities for not only children, but all members of the community to engage in inspiring education sessions here onsite. We also offer adult education sessions – get in touch with our educator to book a session for your workplace or community group. Homeschool groups are welcome here too, with the same access to our hands-on education sessions.

Each term we host groups from ECE, through to primary and high schools. Our qualified educator can tailor activities to suit your learning needs, curriculum focus and areas of interest. Workshops include sessions on topics such as native animals like our Kea, Kākāriki, South Island Kākā, Tuatara and how we can help them thrive; our special breed to release programme; and learning about the conservation of animals in the wider world. Education groups love getting up close to our animals and creating enrichment tasks for them – one of the many ways we ensure the wellbeing of our furry, feathered or scaley friends!

Last but not least, our holiday programme is open to ages 6-12yrs. The days are immersive, inspiring and varied, encouraging children to truly develop an ever lasting connection with Te Taiao, nature.

There’s something for everyone at Natureland.

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