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Our August Offerings at Refinery ArtSpace

Will You Collapse In This Recess; The Indivisible View? by poet and artist Rosa McGregor

McGregor is interested in the forms poetry might assume, in the ways expression breaks open reticence.

‘Will You Collapse In This Recess,’ envisages empowerment through giving up on control, asking for help and celebrating what may come from that. The poetry making involves a lot of giving up – on expectations, on how poems should look, on demands to present in certain ways, on habits of denial.

The work of this poetry is an encouragement toward vulnerability, an encouragement via my own. The poetry itself speaks of scattered minds, fear, curiosity, surrender, recovery, and celebration of spectrums, of colour, of transformation.

Local poets are invited to respond to three texts exploring existential themes presented in the exhibition. There will be two spoken word events during the exhibition and a closing celebration with fellow exhibiting artist Clayton Morgan in conversation about self, nature and vulnerability in this time of the ultimate existential threat of Climate Change.

Closing Celebration and discussion Saturday 9th September. 11am.
Poetry Readings stay tuned…

Terra Obscura by photographic artist Clayton Morgan is an exploration of ecological awareness in response to the current climate crisis and the resulting environmental issues we face.

“To truly bring ourselves into harmony with the natural world, we must return to seeing humanity as part of it. This requires that we challenge the traditional notion of ‘nature’ as something separate from and ‘over yonder’ – rather to see the interconnectedness between humanity and the natural world as one entangled web.”

Terra Obscura finds itself grounded in technology and industry, coming face-to-face with sites not considered to be part of ‘nature’, yet hold ecological processes within – highlighting the synthesis between Earth’s systems and human growth.

The works offer the unsettling feeling we may experience as we enter into a new geological epoch, called the Anthropocene. It is through ecological thought that we can start to realise our impact upon the planet, and the role we have played in the global climate crisis.

There will be an opportunity for a conversation with Clayton Morgan at the closing celebration 9th September. 11am. All Welcome.

Isaac is passionate about bringing art and Māori culture together to grab people’s imaginations and bring Māori legends to life.

His first solo exhibition showcases his skill by using various mediums to go beyond the depictions we are familiar with to reveal images that have wairua (soul).

Isaac runs his own concrete placing business and sometimes combines concrete and art to produce large format pieces with a 3D aspect.

Isaac is exploring his whakapapa and also includes his Scandinavian and Irish ancestry in his work “I’m finding each piece I work on takes me on a journey which teaches me more about my culture”

There will be a closing celebration on 9th September 11am. Come and help Isaac celebrate his first solo exhibition.

REKINDLE WORKSHOPS with Gemma Stratton

Learn how to use tī kōuka (New Zealand cabbage tree) leaves to make a string and rope. This technique for making string is simple and can be used with many different materials including: blackberry vine, convolvulus, corn husk, dandelion stems, even banana peel can become string!

SOLD OUT. Hopefully she’ll do another one soon.

Aug 12th 10am – 2pm

Learn how to make your own whisk brush, perfect for sweeping up your crafting debris. In this workshop you will learn our string-making technique to make a strong, even length of tī kōuka (cabbage tree) leaf cordage. This will then used to bind the prepared tī kōuka fibres into a whisk-style hand broom.

A few spots left. To Book:


Click here to find out more…

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