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The Green Gecko Pale Ale: The Brook Waimārama Sanctuary

We’ve got some lip-smacking news for gecko lovers! We are excited to announce that we have collaborated with The Free House again this July to launch another special limited-edition brew.
Introducing…. the ????? ????? ???? ???! A fruity beer lovingly brewed in honour of the Nelson green gecko with a new hop product called Kohia, a blend of four hop varieties with freeze-dried passionfruit powder. Spirulina also brings the brew a luminous glow. Don’t worry, no geckos were harmed in the making of this beer!
The Nelson green gecko or starry tree gecko (????????? ?????????) inhabit scrubland such as manuka and kanuka forest. They are one of our rarest animals, found only in the northwestern corner of the South Island. Like other geckos, the Nelson green gecko give birth to live young, and have been known to live for up to 40 years. Their colour and markings also vary depending on their habitat.
This limited-edition beer will be on tap exclusively at The Free House from Thursday 27 July, with 10% of the proceeds from each sale going back to supporting the Sanctuary. Conservation in action has never tasted so good!
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Illustration by Muci

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