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Transforming Old Jewellery into New

In recent years we’ve noticed an upsurge in people wanting to re-use and remodel their old jewellery. This is just one of a range of services Jewel Beetle has to offer.

Jewel Beetle is the creative partnership of goldsmiths Allison Judge and Yvon Smits. From their workshop on Bridge Street, the duo has been creating beautiful handmade jewellery in Nelson for 20 years. Traditionally trained overseas in the UK and Holland both goldsmiths share a wealth of knowledge and enjoy fusing their creative skillsets and styles.

“We love transforming your old jewellery it can take on a new lease of life and be enjoyed again instead of hiding away inside your jewellery box!”

Remodelling is a great way to revamp jewellery and it’s a pleasure to help people with this. We understand that jewellery holds great sentimental value and we’re happy to advise what the best solution is for you.

Whilst there are some limitations when melting down old jewellery, we can usually find a design solution to suit most budgets. Depending on the amount of items you have we might have to add extra gold to create your design.

Usually, a customer will come and see us in the shop knowing they want to remodel an inherited ring for example and have absolutely no idea where to start or what sort of design to go for. That’s where we can help! Over the many years of manufacturing jewellery, we’ve compiled a huge portfolio of images of rings and other jewellery. This is great inspiration to gather your ideas of what you might like. The gallery page on our website contains most of these images for you to browse at home. It’s usually helpful to give us an indication of your budget so we can advise you what designs are a possibility.

If you like any jewellery from our portfolio we can customize to suit and incorporate any gemstones you might have. If nothing takes your fancy, we do offer a design service, with some simple sketches to get you started.

From concept to completion, the process is enjoyable and you have a truly unique piece with sentimental value to enjoy wearing.

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