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Let’s support Astrid – Well-loved local florist battling a frightening Cancer diagnosis

If you regularly read these articles, you will know that our CBD in Nelson is filled with some very special and hard-working locals. We showcase this via our Uniquely Nelson online channels. Nelson has the reputation for being a friendly and colourful community, and if you are reading this you most likely agree!

Today it’s all about helping Astrid. Stories like this remind us how special and connected our inner-city community is. Through good times and bad times healthy communities stick together.

Astrid had been a well known and loved retailer in Bridge Street. She owned and operated Woodlea Floral Studio for over 10 years. After breaking her arm in an accident in 2019, they discovered she had a form of cancer in her blood plasma cells called Multiple-Myeloma. It was heart breaking news for her and her family. Astrid sold the business to Rachel who was a huge support to her in this very tough time.

After a long journey with painful medical treatments, it seemed as if all was well. However, it has come back, and Astrid needs a new form of treatment. She will be the first person in the South Island to try this treatment.

Many fellow retailers in her ‘Bridge street’ family have chipped in to help assist her to raise funds for the urgent treatment which is not funded by the DHB and is very expensive. Her two daughters will travel to Wellington to support her during the months ahead.

“The retail community in Bridge St are like my family, they are my friends and with being a local florist you get to know a lot of people very quickly. In seasons of celebration and bereavements, flowers make a huge difference. That’s why I love being a florist. My customers share what’s in their heart and we bond in a unique way.” says Astrid.

18 years ago Astrid immigrated to Nelson from the Netherlands to be closer to her sister who lived in Nelson. She is a fully qualified florist and has helped brighten lives in the thousands over the years.

Fundraising options and events:

  • Thursday September 7 The Buxton is putting on a musical bingo night and donating funds.
  • There’s a Facebook page with Trademe auction items donated by Jewel Beetle, Pizzeria Bella, Labels clothing, Designs clothing, Little Boutique, Kitchen design vouchers and approximately 40 more cool items locals have donated.
  • Trademe link to all auction items (Trademe has agreed to donate any auction fees associated)
  • A Give a little page is being shared around to help raise some much-needed funds as well.
  • This coming Saturday September 9 Astrid and friends will be at the Nelson Market selling Daffodils so make sure you go and say hi and show your support.

What can we learn from this? Life can take us on a wild journey and we can remember to be grateful everyday for the simplest things and the people close to us.

Community is where it’s at – and Nelson does this really well. Working together is always better.

We wish Astrid all the best for the upcoming journey.

Donate Now on Give a little

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