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Eyebrow and eyelash treatments – Maintenance between appointments.

At our day spa and salon in Nelson, we offer a variety of eyebrow and eyelash treatments. Whether you want a quick tint and tidy or a more extensive lash lift with a henna brow colour and shape, we have you covered! There’s nothing like stepping out of the salon with newly groomed brows and lush-looking eyelashes. But the question clients often ask us is how do they keep them looking that good between appointments? Well, read on because we will share our top tips in this article.

Eyebrow and eyelash treatments – At-home maintenance between professional appointments

Gentle cleansing:

Use a dedicated and gentle cleanser for your sensitive eye area. We love Ultraceuticals, Ultra Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover, which delicately cleanses and nourishes to remove dirt, makeup, and any residue.

Preparing a perfect canvas:

Well-groomed eyebrows and long eyelashes will frame your eyes and draw attention to them. A well-defined brow and tinted lashes can balance and enhance the proportions of your face. So after your eyebrow and eyelash treatments, we know you’ll step out feeling confident. However, it always helps to prepare your canvas, which is why using a dedicated eye cream for the delicate skin around your eyes is so important.

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Less tweezing, more brushing:

The odd stray hair might inevitably grow outside your perfectly groomed brows between appointments. But resist the temptation to excessively pluck and tweeze with care. Instead, use a clean brow brush to comb through your brows and keep them in shape.

Fight the fade:

As the tint inevitably starts to fade, we have a couple of Jane Iredale products at our Nelson salon that can be used at home to maintain the fresh salon look we know you love.

First, the Jane Iredale brow gel comes in three shades: brunette, blonde or clear. The brow gel is essentially a mascara product for your brows. So, it will give them a boost of colour while taming stray hairs into place.

Also useful are Jane Iredale’s retractable brow pencils. These come in a range of brunettes and blondes to suit your hair and brow colours. They are great for filling in any sparse brow areas needing extra help. You’ll find them easy to use because they have a crayon tip as opposed to a pencil tip, which can give a harsh line on the brow.

Super serums:

Finally, invest in a serum to condition and nourish your eyebrows and eyelashes. We love Lash Fridays Brow and Lash Growth Serums, the perfect at-home eye treatment between professional treatments. Results from Lash Fridays’ serums typically appear within 3-8 weeks. This will vary from person to person. Some people will see results already after one week, but most people will see results within six weeks.

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