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“Key to happy life is relaxation’ says woman who works in spas.

Meet the manager of Hot Springs, the premier destination for those seeking ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.
Stephanie Malcolmson says the key to living each day positively is to start as you mean to go on – relaxed.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that is easy for her to say – given she works quite literally in beautifully designed spa pools all day. But the reason Steph is so laid back she’s practically laying down, is that she starts each morning with that intention.

 “To have the best day at the office, selling relaxation, I need to start with a good mindset and make sure that I have a calm and chilled start to the day. So, I do exactly that.”
Her calm morning routine includes a stress-free ride on the bus to town with her daughter (she has two). There’s no waiting in traffic or navigating merging for Steph and definitely no nose to tail near misses.
Alighting the bus, she makes her way to Z Petrol Station for a takeaway coffee. A good chat with Gavin, Craig and the other boys who work there is had, before a leisurely walk to the Hot Springs showroom at 143 Rutherford Street.

The zen-like vibe Steph brings to work is the reason customers find the Hot Springs experience so relaxing. With genuine joy for her role and a calm nature, every minute spent buying your dream spa is enjoyable. “I arrive at work relaxed, I work relaxed, I leave relaxed. I listen to the beautiful sound of running water all day, as well as music. I get to guide people through their own journey to relaxation and rejuvenation too.”

Like Steph, the Hot Springs showroom screams (serenely) rejuvenation. She is passionate about the presentation of the spas and swim spas in the business, from the lush greenery next to the spa pools, to curating the best display of the wonderfully versatile designs Hot Springs has to offer.

Part of Steph’s pride in her work comes from a place of trusting the brand she stands behind, which started as soon as she joined the team.

“Right from the start, they made me feel wanted. They made me feel like they genuinely care about me and that they will help me develop and build on the experience I am bringing to the role.

Why wouldn’t you want to work for a company that believes you are the right fit for not only them but the people and the region around you? Almost three months in and I am really enjoying it.”

Aside from the supportive team, Steph is one of the biggest advocates for the Hot Springs product and encourages anyone thinking about buying a spa to come and see her. “When people have the chance to see and feel a product for what it truly is, it makes for a more confident purchase. So, stepping into our showroom will give you the chance to not only see the spas but also give me the opportunity to offer guidance through your spa pool journey.”

“With over 2 million spas sold worldwide, HotSprings is the leader in the spa pool industry. Our spas are built to the highest quality and are independently tested to have the lowest running costs on the market. With the integration of the ‘Freshwater Salt System’ our customers enjoy the best water, the best massage and the best lifetime ownership experience. This is why, for over 45 years, we are the Worlds #1 selling portable spa brand.”

That’s no sales pitch either, as Steph spends just as much time trying the spas as she does studying their features and benefits, it is firsthand experience. “My family and I like to have a ‘test soak’ once a week. It is so relaxing it almost feels like you are breaking rules. But as part of the job, you have to understand what you are selling to be able to truly communicate why the product is so good. “It is a great little job perk.”

Don’t just take her word for it though, Steph encourages you to bring your togs with you for a dip. “You know what they say, ‘try before you buy’ and once you try you will totally want one. I should know.”

Steph has four spas ready for test soaks and one Endless Swim Spa ready for customers to take the plunge. There is also a nice, private test room Steph has created which offers a bit more mood lighting to create the ‘at-home’ experience.

When it comes to relaxation, Steph truly does know her stuff and is the perfect person to chat to if you are looking to purchase your dream spa.

We wanted to dig a little deeper on Steph and if there’s one thing we know, kids are brutally honest. Steph’s daughters gave their review so we could get further background on the woman behind Hot Springs Nelson.
“She was a young mum and she crushed motherhood by being the best mum ever to her daughters.
She is beautiful. She has perfected her customer service skills and now has this amazing spa store like none other in the region under her belt. She is just amazing and has been through so much, I think every single little thing about my mum is cool”.

Now who doesn’t want to buy a spa from Steph after reading that?


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