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Mix & Match: Taking Shape (Nelson)

Now be honest with us… hands up who wears the same pair of pants every day? When you find the perfect pair you just can’t take them off right?😉🖐️ Come on hands up! 🖐️🖐️🖐️
We’re definitely guilty as charged, especially when it comes to the new Aladdin Luna Pants. ✨😍
We’re wearing these pants five days a week if we’re honest.
Why? Because you can so easily Mix & Match these pants with all sorts of different tops! 👚
Stay monochrome with the Cold Shoulder Top, or Mix it up with the Check Print Top. But one thing is for certain…you won’t want to take the Aladdin Pants off. 😂
Who’s ready to find their new favourite pants…EVER?
Shop the Mix & Match collection here.

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