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Festival within a festival: Cultural Conversations

Festival within a festival
Kia ora to our very special supporters and friends.

It’s been 4 years since we started our project at Nelson Arts Festival, and this year they have invited us to have our own festival hub. A festival within a festival which means we continue to do things following our values and kaupapa, rather than trying to fit or blend into something else.

Lucia Zúñiga Cáceres – solo exhibition.

To find out more and the daily times:

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“When I hear that tune, the beat of my heart skips and the memory of the moment comes back to me… It’s winter and it’s snowing. It’s after 3pm and it’s already dark. White flakes of snow are dancing and shining in the lights of the street of a little East European town. I’m walking with my Walkman on and listening to that special tune. I’m going to meet with a friend.” – Karolina Gorton

Do you have a favourite tune? Come along and share your story with a small intimate group:

This will have limited spaces so it’s best to rsvp sooner than later:

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