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Sals Pizza – Famous by the slice, authentic New York Pizza in Nelson

We have seen the movies and New York has an energy like no other place on the planet. Maybe because it’s where the heart of the American economy lives, or the famous Central Park made popular by Friends TV series.

New York is the home of many different nationalities, and the Italians were heavily involved in the early construction of this beautiful city. They brought with them Pizza making skills and it has since become embedded as legendary into New York folklore. This is not a fad… There ain’t nothing like a New York Pizza!

The legacy begins when 10-year-old Salvatore Leo immigrates to New York in 1951. He perfected the family’s well-guarded recipe and makes a name for himself. Quickly word spread and more stores began to appear, and the queues grew longer.

In 2008, two good friends and founders of Sal’s, Nick and Kieran discussed the idea of bringing this fabulous pizza to New Zealand. A year later Salvatore Leo’s son Brian moved to Auckland to oversee the pizza-making. During the next few years, the Sal’s Pizza franchise grew to 38 stores New Zealand wide. In 2019 Richmond and 2022 Nelson stores opened – Aren’t we lucky!

“What’s unique about our restaurants, is they are booth style dining. You can order your favourite Golden Bear brew and watch the sport on the big screens. Our base ingredients are all imported and authentic to what you would find in a New York Pizza bar. You can order by the slice, so it’s a versatile style of food whether you are on the run or want to share with a group of friends. Pizza unites” says Matt Dewar (local franchise owner)

The pizza base tends to be thin, and the flavours from the special ingredients make you want to come back for more. It’s like no other. It’s a social meal and locals can enjoy this at the top end of Trafalgar Street.

“We have a special type of Pepperoni that’s not available anywhere else in New Zealand. Our signature slow-risen dough is made using genuine New York Milled Hard Spring Wheat Flour for that authentic New York base you can fold. Crispy on the outside, but light, tender and airy on the inside.

Our sweet tomato sauce is made fresh daily using Sal’s famous recipe and comes from Vine Ripened California Tomatoes. Also, the 100% Premium Wisconsin Mozzarella is produced using the highest quality milk from sustainably farmed “happy cows”. (Wisconsin has been producing Cheese since the 18th century). The Buffalo wings are a huge hit and we use the original recipe from 1964.

The daily deals offer great value. It’s mega bang for buck, and you can enjoy an international style dining experience when you dine at Sal’s Pizza.”

Located in the Ford’s building at 276 Trafalgar Street, it’s an iconic venue which has been famous in Nelson for being a Nightclub, Restaurants and even a Bistro over the years. The old wooden floors add to the style and the smell of freshly cooked pizza fills the room.

Matt is currently based in Christchurch but grew up in Nelson and still has family here, which he visits frequently.

“Providing a boutique dining experience for kiwis is very rewarding and we hope you enjoy your experience at Sal’s Pizza.” says Matt

Opening and closing times are listed on the website. Make a booking today and enjoy the New York Pizza dining experience in Nelson, New Zealand.

Find them at 276 Trafalgar Street, Nelson



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