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Mayor’s Message: A year in reflection: Nelson City Council

This week, a year since our local elections, is a good time to reflect on progress. I am an old-fashioned democrat who, as much as possible, wants to be true to the commitments I made in seeking election.

My top priority was to lead an effective recovery from the August 2022 storm. We have fixed key infrastructure and successfully battled Government to secure, at $12.3 million, an equivalent offer of support as North Island storm-affected communities. We are building back better and tightening the planning rules to reduce future risks. The toughest part of the recovery work is the dozens of landslides and the last remaining 10 red-stickered properties. We have a plan for getting these sorted.

I committed to opposing the proposed $46 million library along the Maitai River. Council has shelved it. We have got on with fixing the ceiling tiles and structural problems in the Elma Turner Library, which will be fully reopened in early 2024.

I also committed to making progress on big issues such as housing and climate change. We have partnered with the community housing sector to get more affordable housing built. The eBus service, introduced on 1 August, is the most important step to date in reducing Nelson’s emissions.

For the full Mayor’s Message, visit Our Nelson.

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