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Hunting & Fishing Nelson – passionate about the great local outdoors

Hunting and Fishing is embedded in our DNA as kiwis. We are a nation surrounded by Ocean and breathtaking wilderness. When you chat to anyone who loves to hunt and fish the first thing that you notice is the passion. These people are active and hungry for the next adventure. Obsession is a strong word, but it’s not far off!

Their eyes light up at the thought of catching “The Big One” or planning an overnight hunting trip with some good mates… deep in the back country – where there’s likely to be zero phone reception. This passion is fueled by tradition and a genuine love for the great outdoors and what it has to offer.

The equipment available these days is incredible. Hi-tech garments such as waterproof/breathable materials designed for 100% functionality. Carbon Fiber has lightened and strengthened all sorts of gear from walking poles to gun stocks to fishing nets and reels.

Did you know that Hunting & Fishing is locally owned and operated? It’s a national chain cooperative of stores that offer a one stop shop for all your outdoor needs! They are packed full of all things Camping, Tramping, Hunting, Fishing, Diving, and more. The Nelson branch alone holds over thirty-one thousand hand selected products in store at any given time but has access to a further two hundred thousand from your favourite outdoor brands.

This week we chatted to Mike Darling the Owner Operator of our local Nelson and Richmond stores. He loves the outdoors and the diagram on the wall behind his desk says it all!

“My first hunting trip was with my dad and I was 2 years old. It was a special time for us. Many adventures, learning about responsibility and bonding that caused this passion to grow. I was born in the Bay of Plenty and pursued my farming career in the wider Waikato region.

I ran a fishing charter boat for about 20 years. Half day fishing trips to Mayor Island was an amazing experience.

One of my most memorable charter days was when I went to pick up my client for a day on the water at Mayor Island, who to my surprise turned out to be Sir Edmund Hillary. He was an amazing guy and we had lots of good yarns. Glassy waters and magic weather! The second time out with Sir Ed, after landing half a bin of fish from over 100 meters, he eventually said “I’ll hook em, but you can wind them in!”.

The team at Hunting & Fishing are all very knowledgeable and passionate about the great outdoors. Some are into camping, others are mad about fishing, tramping, or hunting but what they all have in common is a love for the outdoors! They always strive to be the experts and to offer the best advice to their customers.

There is no such thing as a ‘quiet season’ at Hunting & Fishing. Summer brings plenty of good Snapper fishing in Tasman Bay and highlights the stunning camping spots our region has on offer. As Autumn rolls around, Deer hunting takes off during the much anticipated ‘Roar’, and keen Duck hunters get ready for the opening of Gamebird season in May.

Winter is for alpine hunters to chase Tahr on mountain tops, along with any of the brave campers putting their sleeping bags to the ultimate test. Saltwater anglers are up at the crack of dawn on the frosty mornings, where they eagerly head out to D’Urville Island hoping to hook up to the trophy fish that hide in the depths.

Spring rolls around new seasons, being the heart of the Whitebaiting season that is tradition for many kiwi families. Sport fishers walk up riverbeds for the new trout fishing season that begins every October. The stores are a constant hustling and bustling hub for all that our outdoors has to offer and for those who love to participate in it.

Clothing and saltwater fishing are the fastest growing categories for the store. When the Snapper fishing is on, it’s the best place to get your tackle box up to date or buy a new rod. The Trout fishing season opens in October, so they get plenty of keen anglers in store getting kitted out for that. White baiting season is every year and they have all the best gear to make your next adventure comfortable and memorable.

You don’t need to be a hunter gatherer type, this store has something for everyone. There’s some great packages for the kids, plenty of lifestyle products, and it’s perfect for birthday gifts.

Drop into their store today, have a browse and a chat. It may ignite your passion for the outdoors!

50 Achilles Avenue, Nelson, Nelson
Call 03 548 1840

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