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Did you know the first contact lens was designed by Leonardo da Vinci: Matthews Eyecare

Huzzah! It’s Contact Lens Safety Month. 🌟
Did you know the first contact lens was designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1508? Unsurprisingly his idea of wearing a water-filled glass hemisphere over the eye was a bit impractical. It took until 1888 for the first fitted contact lens (made from blown glass) to be made, constructed by Adolf Fick, a German ophthalmologist.
Thankfully modern contact lenses are a lot more flexible, comfortable, and hygienic – however it’s still worth knowing how to keep your eyes healthy when wearing them to reduce the risk of infection.
To keep your eyes sparkling and infection-free, follow these easy tips:
1) Wash those hands with soap and water before handling your lenses. Then give them a good dry with a lint-free towel.
2) Stay clear of water when you’ve got lenses on – no swimming, hot tubbing, or lens rinsing with tap or sterile water.
3) Stick to your lens schedule, as prescribed by your eyecare pro.
4) When cleaning, use fresh solution, give those lenses a gentle rub with your fingertips, and follow up with a rinse.
5) Clean your lens case with fresh solution (no water) and leave it to air dry, wide open.
6) Remember, saliva isn’t sterile – keep it away from your lenses!
7) Never share your lenses with others.
😎 No old solution or “topping off” your lens case, and never use damaged cases – they can be sources of contamination and infection.
9) If your eyes aren’t playing nice, remove your lenses and call your eyecare pro pronto!
Show your lenses some love this month by ramping up your lens routine. Your eyes, your rules! 🎭🤓
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