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Robin Slow Te Ara Tōrino at Parker Gallery

Parker Gallery is proud to present ‘Te Ara Tōrino’, an exhibition of new work by Robin Slow. We warmly invite you to attend the opening preview, from 5-7pm on Friday, 3rd November.
“This series of work was created to form the basis of Te Ara Tōrino (The Pathway of the Spirals). It is to inform, experience, hold, ponder and share. Though there are specific pūrākau (storytelling) within the works they have been left in a form that can be viewed at from different angles to allow for various retelling if that is required.
There is a basis of ‘location’ for the works and that is Mohua (Golden Bay). This is the rohe where the tohorā (whales) often visit and beach themselves, the place of Te Waikoropupū Springs, the aquifer below, the caves carved through the stone, of the ancient taniwha (supernatural creatures) that have left behind their geographical landforms and the manu (birds) connecting between the realms. The torino (spiral) twists and turns through them all joining together the realms of above and below.
Through a local lens it could and should be viewed from a wider perspective. Each iwi, hapu and whanau will have variations or different pūrākau and these are able to be connected to and viewed/retold from their own perspective.” – Robin Slow

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