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Paramount Contracting – People First is Paramount!

Tainui Kotua, owner of Paramount Contracting, approaches his business with a unique perspective, placing a strong emphasis on service rather than solely focusing on finances. For him, the quality of service provided to clients is paramount, believing that if he prioritises exceptional service, the financial aspects will naturally fall into place.
Tainui is passionate about establishing and nurturing relationships with clients. His commitment extends beyond the completion of a job, aiming to maintain an ongoing connection and provide valuable advice even when recommending other specialists for specific tasks.

Tainui’s Background:
Born in Perth, Tainui’s journey in the industry began early. His roots, deeply embedded in a family with a history in logging and timber. His grandfather was owner of the well-known Gibson Timber and both his father, and his dad were in forestry and that laid the foundation for his affinity with wood. Eventually settling in Nelson City, Tainui’s connection with the region and its surroundings became a driving force behind his business.

Education and Early Career:
Tainui’s educational journey took him through local schools, including Henley, Brightwater, Waimea intermediate and Nelson College before heading to back to Aussie. Following a detour into hospitality and university, Tainui found his true calling in forestry, influenced by family connections. His rise through the ranks, from machine operation to management, showcased his dedication and adaptability.

Venturing into Entrepreneurship:
In April of last year, Tainui embarked on a new chapter, driven by a divine calling. The decision to start Paramount Contracting was not a calculated move but a leap of faith. Tainui’s strong faith played a pivotal role in this decision, and the business came into existence almost overnight.

Paramount Contracting’s Diverse Services:
Beyond traditional tree-related services, Paramount Contracting offers an extensive range of solutions. From stump grinding and landscaping to excavation and section clearing, Tainui’s team excels in higher-risk projects, showcasing technical expertise where others might shy away. The commitment to excellence and proficiency sets Paramount Contracting apart.

Commitment to Client Relationships:
Tainui’s favourite aspect of the job is building and maintaining relationships with clients. His hands-on approach, from the initial phone call to the completion of a project, emphasises a personalised and attentive service. Tainui’s dedication extends beyond the professional realm, with family members actively involved in the business, imparting valuable skills and work ethic.

Personal and Recreational Pursuits:
In terms of downtime, Tainui enjoys spearfishing as a means of finding solace and gathering his thoughts and the benefit of bringing home a feed for the family. He and his family appreciates the diverse culinary offerings in Nelson City, especially favouring Middle Eastern and Thai cuisines. Additionally, Tainui and his family embrace the adventurous side of Nelson, engaging in outdoor activities such as camping and exploring the scenic Rabbit Island with the kids.
Reflecting on Nelson City, Tainui expresses a desire for more recreational spaces catering specifically to children. He envisions a place where kids can freely enjoy themselves without financial constraints, fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment for families.

Direct Communication and Personalised Service:
For potential clients interested in Paramount Contracting’s services, Tainui encourages direct communication. The website serves as a gateway for clients to reach out, and Tainui pledges to respond promptly. Answering calls directly is a testament to his commitment to ensuring clients feel heard and appreciated throughout the engagement.
In essence, Paramount Contracting exemplifies a holistic approach to contracting services. From technical proficiency to a commitment to service excellence and where at all possible helping with community projects, Tainui’s vision transcends conventional business paradigms, with a people and community first approach.
Tainui looks forward to hearing from you about your next project and how he can help you achieve it.
You can contact Tainui at Paramount Contracting on 027 549 7374 and visit his website at

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