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Business transformation to Success

Justine Kennard is the visionary behind Business Studio Innovators Limited and has carved a unique niche in the business landscape, blending traditional accountancy with innovative business strategies to support growth and development. Born in Masterton and having spent her early years moving and living across New Zealand, her educational journey began at the University of Waikato, laying the groundwork for what would become a remarkable career in accountancy and business consultancy.

Justine’s professional path took her from the lecture rooms of Waikato to the world of accountancy, where she honed her skills in various roles from traditional accountancy firms to corporate firms, even writing their quality control processes. After arriving in Nelson, some 25 years ago, she worked initially for a small accountancy firm before being hired by one of Nelson’s larger firms, West Yates, which became Findex. Over the years there, Justine gained a variety of experience from her roles ranging from quality control, developing graduate training programs, being a member of the tax team, then latterly in the advisory team where her skills with management, business strategy, and the new age of IT came to the forefront. Her wide range of skills led her to identifying a gap in the market for a service that combined all of her skills into a business service that would be of great benefit and value to potential clients.

“My ethos is about realising through my transformation work that I’m not your traditional accountant. I work in the technology space, in relationships, helping people to identify opportunities for themselves so they can build a better business” Justine explains. This innovative approach is not just about crunching numbers but drawing out what the aspirations of her clients are and presenting opportunities to them.

The creation of Business Studio Innovators was a result of Justine’s professional experience and a growing realisation that there was more she could offer to the business community. “It had always been a dream to go out on my own, but someone planted the seed when the time was right, and I started thinking about it a bit more seriously,” she reflects. This led her to start an accounting firm that is as much about empowering owners as it is about the financial management of their businesses.

Since opening, Business Studio Innovators has made significant strides, thanks in no small part to Justine’s leadership and the welcoming community of Nelson. Justine has built up a robust client base, reflecting the success of her approach to business consultancy. “It’s been exciting, and the community has been welcoming. A decade ago, I’d have perceived my style as a weakness, but it turns out the variety of work scope I provide is seen as a strength by my clients” she notes.

Beyond her professional achievements, Justine enjoys time with her family and the odd bike ride or fishing trip, she tries to balance between work and personal life. With her adult daughters living outside of the region, she continues to support their endeavours in elite cycling and disc golf.

When asked what she would like to see more of in Nelson City, she advocates for “a stronger mix of residential and business communities in Nelson CBD”, reflecting her belief that people bring people, creating the connection between successful businesses and vibrant communities.

Justine’s story is one of continuous learning, growth, and the pursuit of a vision goes beyond traditional boundaries. Through Business Studio Innovators she can offer those seeking to navigate the complexities of business an opportunity  to thrive and grow.

Her advice to business owners looking for a different perspective is to “pick up the phone to have a chat.” Communication and collaboration is the cornerstone of her business philosophy, and is at the forefront of her business innovation in Nelson.

Justine Kennard’s successful career journey has been one of innovation and resilience, and she is committed to instilling this into her clients’ businesses too. Through Business Studio Innovators, she has reshaped her own path and is now guiding others to reach their own goals in business.

You can contact Justine at Business Studio Innovators here:
1 Koru Place, Stoke, Nelson 7011
+64 21 164 8493   +64 3 5444 772

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