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Starting Over…

Greetings dear friends & fellow navigators, welcome to my world again this week. I think most of us have wanted to start over at some point. Maybe not all over again but a new momentum, a new direction, with all the past left behind. We want to pick up the pieces of ourselves lying on the floor & create something untouched out of them.

We want a second chance, a third chance & a fourth chance to be someone new, someone different. But the very moment we are about to step out of the door, we become uncertain about the timing of it all.

We keep assuming ‘now’ is not the right time to start over because we are too early or maybe, too late. We think we are out of sync with a world which appears to be running a marathon like a sprint; a world making us believe there is no time to waste & if we are not early in the game, we have already lost our way.

But a business started at 49 is still a business, & a changed physique at 37 is still fitness. Nobody cares about how long it took for us to get there. Or the moment we get there, everything becomes irrelevant. People start talking about wishing they had done the same because it is already getting late for them. But between late & too late, there are often long years where one can start, quit & start over again multiple times!

So it is okay to want to start again. It is okay to want to leave our past behind & urge for a new beginning. It is okay to want to change our minds about the things we were so sure about because we are not the same people anymore. Each one of us is living on a timeline of our own & we are neither ahead nor behind anyone else.

We may be exactly where we are supposed to be. However, reinventing ourselves is a little like catching a bus of opportunities ~ we may think once we miss it, it is gone for good. But we forget the bus keeps arriving every hour.

We can choose to slow down, to fasten our pace or to start over again. We are allowed to decide when something is not meant for us & when something is. We keep our eyes in our own line, on what we need & what we deserve.

A beauty of starting over is we can abandon all expectations, beliefs & fears to have been eating away our happiness. We can sign our own letter of approval & begin. We are still going to age at the same rate regardless of what we do. So why not make the most of it, right?

But then, we do not entirely start over again. No one can. It is not a fresh start. There is history. Life can be pictured to be a river where once it starts flowing, it does not stop. We cannot correct a single second already passed, but what we can do is change our direction & choose where we want to go.

When we choose to start over again, we continue with a fresh perspective on our past experiences; a mental reset. We tell ourselves, “I want this so bad & I am going to keep trying over & over again”. It might take us longer than before to get to the same place we were, but who knows? We might like our new story better now.

So with our hands on our chests, let us start creating ourselves again. To be a victor, we need to see the big picture. It is not about winning or losing the small battles, but staying alive till the end of the war.

Just few observations again dear friends, & provide merely an opinion in my world. Thank you again for stopping by, I appreciate your being here. If my journey encourages you also, all is well with my soul. I hope your days are filled with love & affection. Looking forward to being back next time; this is Kenn Butler in Paradise, Nelson with my best wishes.

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