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SusSTAINable Stain Removal: Global Soap

Many a skeptic has been won over after they have tried Global Soap’s Stain Removing bar. A little encouragement has been required to persuade those looking side-eyed at the light brown bar and scoffing at the claims. Once the plunge has been taken and put to the test, another Global Soap convert is added to the database. Made from an old Swedish recipe the bar removes stubborn stains from fabrics, carpet and upholstery. Eco-friendly and bio-degradable, gentle on your hands and another highly effective solid bar alternative to those nasty chemical laden stain removers housed in plastic bottles will be part of your anti-plastic took kit.

After rinsing the affected area with a healthy dose of water, liberally rub the solid bar over and around the stain. Leave for a good 30 – 60 mins (or even overnight) before placing in a washing machine or rinsing off.

It’s also a fantastic portable essential in any travel kit. Cut off a piece for shorter breaks or take the whole bar for extended backpacking trips – you never know when you might need to remove a blood stain or spilled red wine out of your favourite top when you’re exploring the world and making friends. Gift one to those venturing out of home for the first time, to University and the like. Laundry is unlikely to be a high priority so when those items of clothing do finally see the inside of a washing machine, a little stain removing bar application to some for the grimier spots after O week will extend the wardrobe lifecycle considerably.

Scented with Global Soap’s Essential Oil Laundry Blend.

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