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The A-Team in Recruitment

Justin & Alex Wallington, the dynamic duo behind A-Temp Recruitment, have etched their path from diverse beginnings to becoming influential figures in the recruitment industry in the Top of the South, New Zealand. Originating from South Africa and New Zealand respectively, their journey is a tapestry of international experiences, pivotal decisions, and the pursuit of a life that balances professional ambition with personal fulfilment.

Justin, originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, embarked on a transformative journey in his early twenties, moving to the UK to explore opportunities. With a B.Com under his belt, Justin  found himself navigating the complex world of investment management in London. Not intending to stay that long, he found himself living there for 13 years and more importantly, meeting his wife to be, Alex.

Alex’s narrative runs parallel to Justin’s, albeit with its own unique path. Hailing from Rotorua, New Zealand, Alex too ventured to the UK. With a background in banking and risk management, her professional life was a far cry from the world of recruitment. Yet, it was in these fields that both Alex and Justin honed skills that would later prove invaluable in their entrepreneurial journey.

The catalyst for their significant life change was the birth of their first child. London’s hustle and the desire for a more manageable lifestyle prompted the couple to consider New Zealand as their new home. ” Having our first kid was a game changer in London because London just became too hectic for us,” Justin reflects.

Initially settling in Auckland, Alex and Justin’s quest for a meaningful work and a balanced life, led them to Nelson, a city that captivated them with its charm and potential lifestyle. It was here that their entrepreneurial spirit truly ignited. Their first business venture was owning and operating one of Nelson’s top motor lodges in the city centre for a couple of years, then  the opportunity to step into the recruitment industry presented itself. Despite no direct experience in recruitment, their diverse skill set from banking and investment management, equipped them with a unique perspective and approach to this new venture.

A-Temp Recruitment, now an integral part of Nelson’s business landscape, specialises in providing labour solutions across various sectors, with a significant focus on  manual labour jobs. However, they are widening their catchment to include the health and  office sectors. Their approach is rooted in a deep understanding of both client and candidate needs, a testament to their banking days’ meticulousness and attention to detail.

“Our banking background has given us a lot of transferable skills,” Alex says, emphasising the importance of observing, learning, and gradually introducing improvements to optimise the recruitment process. Their commitment to quality and efficiency has seen A-Temp Recruitment transition to advanced CRM and payroll systems, further enhancing their service delivery.

Justin & Alex cherish their professional life in the heart of Nelson City, operating from an office that positions them at the epicenter in Buxton Square. They express a fondness for Nelson’s unique blend of urban and community-centric lifestyle, appreciating its size as neither too big nor too small, which fosters a close-knit community atmosphere. Their enthusiasm for local markets, food, and the emphasis on purchasing locally made products over imported goods highlights their commitment to supporting and being part of the local economy. As proprietors of one of the remaining locally owned businesses in their field, they pride themselves supporting local where they can.

They do also observe the challenges facing Nelson City, particularly the trend of decentralisation that threatens the vibrancy of the town centre. Alex & Justin note the migration of businesses and the impact it has on the atmosphere and community spirit of central business districts. This shift, they argue, detracts from the lively, vibrant urban centre that attracts both locals and visitors alike. In light of, these observations, they express a desire for revitalisation efforts that could counteract these trends, advocating for initiatives that would encourage businesses to remain or return to the town centre, thereby restoring its vibrancy and appeal as a bustling hub for commerce and social interaction.

The couple’s journey from international banking to leading a recruitment business in Nelson is not just a story of career transformation. It’s a narrative that highlights the power of adaptability, the courage to embrace change, and the endless possibilities that arise when skills are applied in new contexts.

As they navigate the challenges and rewards of their industry, Justin & Alex remain committed to making a meaningful impact on the local community and workforce. Their story is a compelling example of how diverse experiences can converge to create a successful business that values people, community, and the pursuit of a balanced life.

“It’s really cool actually travelling around… Last week, I visited a few factories, walked around, and observed the process. That was so cool,” Justin remarks.

For Alex and Justin, A-Temp Recruitment is more than a business; it’s a platform for positive change in people’s lives, one placement at a time.

If you are interested in using their service, simply contact them direct with all the information you need on their website or phone 0800-111-326.

They have offices in Nelson & Blenheim.

Explore the virtual tour at A-Temp Nelson Office

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