We’re quick thinkers and adaptable doers, proactively shaping our services to best meet each of our clients’ individual needs.

We’re constantly adapting, learning and researching, to think outside the square to find different ways to help businesses be successful and achieve their goals.

With many of us having been in the industry for some time, as a client of WK Strawbridge you’ll have access to our substantial experience and wide range of skills across the team, as we work together to deliver tailored solutions.

Team loyalty and relatively low staff turnover means our clients enjoy continuity and consistency of relationships.

And because we are passionate about what we do, we make sure we stay at the forefront, we keep our finger on the pulse of business advisory and accountancy through a continuous learning and professional development programme.

We’ve always been quick to adopt new technologies and processes. And we continue to assess our services and skills to evaluate, investigate and embrace new initiatives that can benefit our clients and their businesses.

Our People

The knowledge and expertise of our team is wide ranging, representing extensive experience across small and medium businesses in a range of sectors in the Nelson/Tasman District from retail and hospitality, to construction and the primary sector.

The WK Effect

Making our regions better places to live, work and play It’s how we see the world. It’s the belief that we can be more than just an advisory business; that we can elicit a positive social influence through every…

Case Studies

Behind every set of books are our clients – innovators, risk takers and good people – the powerhouse behind New Zealand business and employment. Looking for ways to ramp up your business performance? Read their stories and get inspired!

WK Strawbridge Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Why we ask you for Information New Zealand’s Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009, or AML/CFT law, is based around New Zealand’s commitment to an international initiative to counter the impact of criminal activity on people and…