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Findex is going paperless

Adapting our ways of working to COVID-19

The past few weeks have seen unprecedented changes to the world around us due to COVID-19, requiring us to quickly embrace new ways of interacting with one and another so that we can effectively and safely continue doing business together.

Introducing our Digital Solutions
To adapt our working arrangements to COVID-19, we have made available a suite of digital solutions. These are largely centred around staying connected and helping to phase out paper-based processes in a period where interacting with each other to handle physical documents is not recommended by major health authorities.

Transitioning to a paperless environment helps us to not only become more efficient and streamlined when doing business with you – but together our behaviours can reduce our environmental footprint. Below you’ll find a link to our ‘Go Paperless Toolkit’, please take the time to read through it and ask any questions to help get started.

Download our go paperless toolkit


Adapting to new ways of working together
The disruption to each of our lives in recent weeks has been significant, but equally provides us an opportunity to evolve the ways in which we can work together.

I’ve recorded a short video message to further detail the changes we’re putting in place to keep working together.

Our team is not only on hand to help guide you through our new ways of working together but have also made a range of assistance packages and toolkits available to you. For more information, click here.

As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail or if we can assist you or your business in any way.

Kind regards,

Spiro Paule
Chief Executive Officer

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