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Low Sensory session will run this Saturday 20th November: Nelson Provincial Museum

Have you noticed that our Dinosaur exhibition is a bit busier, and the dinosaurs roar is a little quieter, at certain times during the day? ?
If you’re planning a visit to Dinosaur rEvolution during term time, please be aware that our exhibition has been very popular with our local schools. You’re absolutely welcome to visit while we are teaching in the space, but please note that the exhibition will be busier and the sound on the animatronic dinosaurs may be turned down.
Our lovely front of house team will let you know on arrival if a class visit is in session ?

Please note that our Low Sensory Dinosaur rEvolution session has been cancelled for this Thursday 18th November.
This is because there is site work outside the Museum on Thursday morning which may cause noise disruption.
Our next Low Sensory session will run this Saturday 20th November as usual. Head to our website for more information and to make a booking.



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