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Meet Anna at Tim’s Garden

Meet Anna! Our office manager and logistical mastermind. Anna’s the one behind the phone and email when you get in touch with us. Here’s a little bit about Anna:

The best part about working for Tim’s Garden: The variety of projects we get to work on – no two days are ever the same!
Previous work: I was a marine ecology technician for 20 years.
Favourite plant & edible plant: Favourite native plant: the Titoki tree. My favourite edible plant is the potato because they’re easy to grow and they keep feeding the family for months after you’ve harvested them!
Interests/hobbies: I’m very passionate about re-vegetation and enjoy collecting and propagating my own natives from seed for our property and the wider community. I’ve recently been experimenting with lasagna gardening (No digging), which has proven successful in nourishing my garden and the worm population.
Gardening tip: Organic matter is the solution for everything! You don’t have to grow everything, sharing what you produce is a great way to reduce food miles and live seasonally.

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