A Gallery with a variety of artworks, furniture, designer clothes, jewellery, gifts and coffee-to-go from artists around Nelson and NZ.

Tucked in the corner of Nile Street and Trafalgar Square you’ll find a gorgeous character villa that is an Art Gallery, has designer clothing, jewellery and plenty of gift ideas . Owner and artist, Donna Allfrey, has fulfilled her dream of making art accessible with a variety of paintings, photography, sculpture and avant-garde compositions that anyone will find mesmerising. It’s the type of place you need to visit a couple of times just to take it all in. There is a spacious welcoming feel from the moment you set foot inside and plenty of quirky, fun pieces to serious contemplative artworks to reflect upon.

The designer clothing labels suit any occasion, you can have the Dressing Room to yourself while you try on pieces and accessories; the silver jewellery comes from around NZ and prices start at $20. Sit in the French Chairs, sip your espresso, decide what you would like to try on – take your time.

In the Studio space, you are likely to find an Artist painting, drawing, sewing – creating something right in front of your eyes.

Tula & Niles is the sort of Gallery you feel welcome to visit often, there’s always new pieces in store and a warm and chatty atmosphere. Nelson artisans are well represented – the candles, diffusers, soaps and gifts make it a perfect and affordable shop for presents. Pop in and check it out.

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Opening Hours






10am - 4pm


10am - 4pm


10am - 4pm


10am - 4pm


10am - 4pm


Our Address:

28 Nile Street, Nelson


-41.2764143, 173.2848471